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Preventative Pet Care & Microchipping

Wellness & prevenative care

The doctors and staff at Airport Animal Hospital are firm believers in the value and effectiveness of regular Wellness exam and preventative care services as the most effective means of keeping your dog or cat as healthy as possible. We diligently monitor AVMA and AAHA guidelines, recent scientific literature, study results, and our clinical experience to help continuously shape and form what we see prove to be of most value to our patients and clients. We understand that every human-animal bond and relationship is unique and worthy. We are here to share our knowledge and experience, offer diagnostic and treatment options, and assist you in decision making that helps you maximize your pet’s health and quality of life.


All dogs and cats should have a veterinary examination at least once each year. An annual physical exam is required a minimum of once yearly to maintain a legal and valid doctor-patient-client relationship which is a condition required for our DVMS to prescribe and/or offer medical advice of any kind. Life stage (age), lifestyle, behavior, dental health, nutrition and body condition counseling, ongoing medical conditions, or past medical history, among other factors, may lead to more frequent visit recommendations such as every 6 months.


Common wellness and preventative care topics for dogs and cat patients include behavior counseling, managing internal and external parasites, and core immunization recommendations to help protect from common infectious disease risks in our region. For most canines in our area this includes rabies virus, canine distemper/hepatitis/parvovirus/parainfluenza/Leptospirosis (DHPPL), Lyme disease (highly endemic in our region), and potentially respiratory pathogens such as Bordetella. For most felines these include rabies, rhinotracheitis/calicivirus/panleukopenia (RCP or FVRCP), and potentially feline leukemia virus (FeLV). We highly recommend microchip implantation which provides a means of identification and an avenue for return to you should your pet somehow become separated from you during its lifetime.

Spay & neuter

New considerations regarding the ideal age of sterilization (spay or neuter) have evolved recently, as has information regarding procedures that were once commonplace and considered benign but now falling out of favor due to significant short or long term medical complication risks associated with them. New information frequently emerges pertaining to unique breed predispositions and genetic counseling considerations, as well as zoonotic disease risk management. These are all very important topics to consider and discuss when helping to guide pet owners through veterinary care decision making for their family.



Mon–Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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