Wellness & prevenative care The doctors and staff at Airport Animal Hospital are firm believers in the value and effectiveness of regular Wellness exam and preventative care services as the most effective means of keeping your dog or cat as healthy as possible. We diligently monitor AVMA and AAHA guidelines, recent scientific literature, study results, […]

Pet Dentistry

Dental COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatment) Oral cavity health and dental care are very important to your pet’s overall health. It is NOT normal for our pets to have mouths that look or smell like a septic system. Poor dental health and subsequent periodontal disease, tooth root abscess formation, or fractured teeth cause […]


Surgery Services The veterinarians and technicians at Airport Animal Hospital constantly strive to stay informed of the latest recommendations in veterinary anesthesia and surgical techniques as they apply to our patients. Common surgeries such as spays, neuters, dental prophys & oral surgeries, and tumor removals are performed Monday through Friday mornings, and emergent surgical needs […]

Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology Airport Animal Hospital is proud to offer digital radiography for taking X-rays of your pet.  Digital radiography is superior to traditional X-ray systems in many ways. Digital images are quickly processed and available for viewing. They can even be sent to specialists for consultation, should the need arise. The images created with digital systems show […]

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