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Pain management has received increased attention in recent years for both humans and animals. Research has shown that adequate pain control speeds healing after trauma or surgery and increases quality of life for chronic pain patients. At Airport Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in the fact that we apply the latest discoveries in pain management to our companion animals.

A tailored, multi-modal approach to pain management is developed for each pet undergoing surgery based on the pet’s individual needs.   Our compassionate staff assess each animal’s pain levels frequently during hospitalization in order to adjust the protocols accordingly and provide the maximum comfort for your pet. When it is time for your pet to go home, you will be provided with a pain management home care plan individualized for your special friend.

A similar approach is used when dealing with chronic pain in our companion animals. Our staff will work with you to identify your pet’s specific needs and develop a protocol for pain management. This plan is revisited and adjusted as needed to maintain your pet’s quality of life and may include a combination of traditional medications, nutritional supplements, physical therapy, dietary management and referral for acupuncture.