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Airport Animal Hospital is proud to offer digital radiography for taking X-rays of your pet.  Digital radiography is superior to traditional X-ray systems in many ways:

Digital images are quickly processed and available for viewing. They can even be sent to specialists for consultation, should the need arise.   

The images created with digital systems show more contrast than film-based X-rays, offering much higher diagnostic accuracy and value.  If the original image appears too dark or too light, we often have the ability to adjust and correct the image contrast without having to retake the X-ray.  Digital images can be magnified and adjusted in other ways to reveal more detail.  

Digital X-rays require less radiation to take the same high-quality images as film-based systems.  As a result, your pet and our staff are exposed to less radiation during the X-ray taking process. 

Digital radiography benefits the environment by eliminating the need for X-ray film and developing chemicals that contribute to harmful environmental wastes if not recycled or handled properly.