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The veterinarians at Airport Animal Hospital closely partner with several board-certified specialists available by appointment for consultations in the areas of dermatology and surgery. Our goal is to be able to provide our clients and patients the best available diagnostic and treatment options which at times may include referral options.

Dermatology  |  Surgery


We are proud to partner with McKeever Dermatology Clinics to offer a dermatology service option right here in the Northland! MDC dedicates one day each month to come to Airport Animal Hospital to see referrals from the region.

Please call 218-727-0128 today to make an appointment!




The veterinarians and technicians at Airport Animal Hospital constantly strive to stay informed of the latest recommendations in veterinary anesthesia and surgical techniques as they apply to our patients. Common surgeries such as spays, neuters, dental prophys & oral surgeries, and tumor removals are performed Monday through Friday mornings, and emergent surgical needs are performed as needed. Patients undergo a thorough physical exam and are offered recommended diagnostic testing prior to their procedure to help identify underlying conditions or risk factors that may influence surgical or anesthetic outcomes. All patients are carefully monitored throughout the whole procedure and protocols are adjusted as needed to effecitvely manage your individual pet to the best of our ability. Our skilled and caring staff provides attentive and compassionate nursing care to each patient throughout their stay.

Our DVMs also works closing with Dr. Brian Rose of Minnesota Mobile Veterinary Surgery on cases in need of referral level surgical care. Dr. Rose is a very skilled and experienced surgeon. We are very thankful for the opportunity to consult with and offer his services at our hospital for patients in our care.

If you anticipate the need for your companion animal to undergo an anesthetic or surgical procedure, please call 218-727-0128 to schedule a consultation with one of our veterinarians today.